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Own a piece of WFNM's legendary CD collection. We pick out five CDs from our booth and send them to you! CDs come from every genre imaginable and include promotional copies, compilations, singles, samplers, splits, EPs, and full albums, ranging over decades of WFNM history. There's good music, bad music, and everything in between! Find your new favorite song, or your least favorite, from the bundle we send you. 

Please note that we cannot guarentee if the CDs are in perfect condition. We have new CDs and old CDs, and they will be selected at the discretion of the executive board member who choses them. Slight damage, especially to the case, may be present. Please don't get angry if there's a scratch on your CD. We do not accept returns or refunds for the mystery CD bundle. Please also note that the above picture is not the actual CDs. 

Mystery CD Bundle (6 CDs)!